The Quick and the First
«The Square» Commercial
«The Bank» Commercial
«The Roof» Commercial
INSYNC.BY is created for those who live today and do not want to give up the joys of life to a quicker one. It isn’t just an app, it’s a whole bank in a pocket. Now ANY bank operation can be performed without going to an office, while Drag’n’Drop technology makes it fast, easy and intuitive.

Want to be the first? You’ve got to be fast. With the premiere of the product three-series western was aired: XXI century cowboys and gals, gallant romantics and pioneers discover the brand-new world of innovational banking.

The next day after its launch the app hit the TOP-10 of Belarusian AppStore and reached the 1st place in the Finance category — downloads highly exceeded the forecast.

Production: One Little Production

Director: Ragnar Jansson
Photographer: Tomas Kauneckas